Friday, August 2, 2013

UFC middleweight Brad Tavares on Heart

UFC middleweight Brad Tavares speaks about heart to Fight Magazine:

Just have the heart of a warrior, don't ever give up...When you get hurt in a fight, you got to keep going. When you get tired, whatever it may be. Heart and mind, they kind of go hand in hand...You can be the best in the world, you can be in the best shape, but if you have no heart, you get touched, you get hit and you'll fold. You can be one of the best guys out there, have knocked everybody out, but you're eventually going to run into somebody that's just as tough, or if not tougher, and then it's going to show, your true character is going to show...If you keep going in bad situations when you're down, if you're going to keep pushing and keep fighting. So, for me, that's a huge thing. I believe I have heart, I believe I'm mentally strong, and have a good work ethic. 

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