Monday, August 12, 2013

Joe Rogan: Wrestling is the best base to enter mixed martial arts

In this fight video of Chael Sonnen against Nate Marquardt, Joe Rogan talks about how amateur wrestling is the best base to enter into mixed martial arts. It starts about 4:47 into this video clip, and Rogan holds those sentiments because of the intense work ethic and amount of grueling training that these athletes go through, which develops a very high level of mental strength:

There is no better base for entering into mixed martial arts than the highly successful competitor as a wrestler. The competitive wrestlers, the highly successful amateur wrestlers have such tremendous mental toughness. If you can just get through the room, the wrestling room practices at like really high level universities, NCAA division one teams; those guys are savages. The stuff they go through, just the overtraining, just the mental toughness that you have to develop.

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