Friday, August 9, 2013

Ronda Rousey on being the best she can possibly be

Ronda Rousey during her Google Hangout video interview was asked by Mike Chiappetta about what her thoughts are about coaching fighters on TUF 18 who will possibly challenging her for the title one day. Ronda's response was one that indicates she is not interested in totally reaching her absolute potential and wants to be pushed to the maximum by her competition:

I want these girls to get good, I want the standard to be raised, I want them to push me...Personally I perform better when the other person pushes me; if the other person doesn't really know they're getting into then I'm just going to win quick and I'll be done; and I'm capable of so much more than what I've shown, it's just these other girls haven't made me show it...I don't want to be champion because my competition wasn't good enough, I want to have the best competition possible and still be champion so why wouldn't I want to help my competition? It makes me even better. I want to be the best possible, I don't want to be as good as I have to be, like as minimally good as I have to be...I want it to be as hard as possible and for me to still be the best and no one can't say anything.

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