Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Rise of Conor McGregor

The documentary "The Rise of Conor McGregor" on MTV UK, has a bunch of great sayings from UFC featherweight Conor McGregor:

- "All that matters is how you see yourself. If you see yourself as the king...With all the belts and everything...No matter what no one else says, as long as you see that, and really believe in it, then that's what's going to happen."

- "I saw myself as the champ even before anyone else did, I just kept that in my head"

- "You try and take inspiration from everything around you. I take inspiration from looking at my teammates battling through hard fights and just giving it their all, fighting until their last breath."

- "Of course I visualize the belt...That belt is on me 24-7"

- "I'm not going in there to be the token Irish guy, and wear a paddy hat and...carry pot of gold and have a ginger beard...I'm going there to go at people."

- "There is no opponent. There is no Jose Aldo...There's no no one. You're against yourself...And I just feel like I'm able to beat myself...I can beat my mind. I believe in myself so much that nothing is going to stop me."

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