Friday, August 9, 2013

25 Life Lessons from MMA

There are many lessons one can pick up from the world of mixed martial arts.

Here are 25 of them with some pictures, quotes, and video linked to them.

1. Believe in yourself.

2. If you get knocked out down, get back up.

3. Don't let a fear of failure stop you. Even the greatest like Anderson Silva, Georges St-Pierre, and Fedor Emeliaenko have losses on their record.

4. Seize opportunities to the maximum. Matt Serra had a chance to be on TUF and get a title shot if he won it. He won the show and won the belt in the biggest upset in MMA history.

5. No matter how bad a fight is going, you can come back.

6. Even if you don't want to practice, go ahead and do it.

7. Discipline pays off.

8. Bring value to people in whatever you do. Even if fighters don't win, if they're exciting and fight their hearts out, people have a respect for that.

9. You mind can be the strongest weapon you have.

10. Giving everything you have is all you can ask of yourself.

11. Don't let age limit you. Randy Couture won the UFC heavyweight title at 43, defended it at 44, and fought in the UFC until 47.

12. Let you imagination go wild. Nobody would have suggested to Anthony Pettis that he should kick off the cage, but he imagined it, believed he could do it, practiced it, and executed it in competition.

13. Surround yourself with great people and you become great.

14. Learn from everyone.

15. Keep going through adversity and eventually it will be overcome.

16. Don't let ego be a hindrance to your improvement.

17. When you body starts to fail, you mind takes over.

18. Having a sense of purpose extends your career. Randy Couture fought until 47 because he truly felt it was his purpose in life.

19. Visualization works. Visualize yourself succeeding and executing whatever you need to do in life.

20. Pressure can bring out the best in you.

21. Fear and nerves can help you stay sharp and be a good thing.

22. Focus on what you can control. Ignore the rest.

23. Preparation is vital.

24. Adapt, evolve, and innovate.

25. Keep a sense of playfulness. It can help you become great and keeps things fun.

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