Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Jerry West, Chael Sonnen, GSP, and Rick Story on working when you don't want to

NBA legend Jerry West had a great attitude in terms of training and working even on days when you don't want to. That discipline and mental toughness can be an immense springboard to success. Below are some great quotes from UFC stars Georges St-Pierre, Chael Sonnen, and Rick Story which fall along the same lines:

“You don’t get better on the days when you feel like going. You get better on the days when you don’t want to go, but you go anyway. If you can overcome the negative energy coming from your tired body or unmotivated mind, you will grow and become better. It won’t be the best workout you have, you won’t accomplish as much as what you usually do when you actually feel good, but that doesn’t matter. Growth is a long term game, and the crappy days are more important.”
- Georges St-Pierre in The Way of the Fight

Mindset has got to be up there. But there's some mentally tough guys that don't have discipline. I've been mentally strong at times and loved going to practice but I've also been distracted before, but I still go to practice. I personally am very disciplined. Whether I want to be at practice or not I show up every day. Whether I'm healthy or I'm sick or hurt or tired, I show up every day. I never ever miss. And I think discipline's a big deal. When I read about the top guys, Randy Couture was a big discipline guy; he always showed up whether he felt like it or not. Georges St-Pierre always goes to practice and you'll hear stories like that; if Georges goes on vacation, he brings a training partner with him. If he goes on a media tour, he brings a training partner. And those are disciplinary actions more than anything. And discipline's also a sign of mental toughness, so somewhere in between those two for anything in life will bring you the most success.
- Chael Sonnen talking to Fight Magazine

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