Wednesday, September 3, 2014

How to let go of anger


You can't destroy anger with anger. So don't fight, let it arise, remain, and cease. Watch it, let witnessing clouds emerge and dissolve in the clear blue sky on a beautiful summer day. Don't get angry about your anger.

Oftentimes the root of some primal rage stems from not getting your way. It's a deep seated frustration which can often result from childhood. Screaming and panting and stomping and moaning and groaning when you did not get your way was often the go-to response to have your wishes come to be in the tender early years of your life. Old habits die hard and especially ones which we are not conscious of from our innocence first years of life.

If we examine our anger, we can often see that when we don't get our way there is a primordial rage that can emerge. If we can be in the moment and witness it, this will diminish its impact. This will allow you to not unconsciously be ruled by it.You can see it and acknowledge it, and then make the conscious choice to drop it. We have taking a lot of actions in our life with anger, and sometimes we find it hard to let go of. One of the reasons why is that we are addicted in a sense to the same habitual pattern of getting angry. The second reason is we sometimes unconsciously believe that acting out of anger will bring out the best in ourselves. However, it is actually the present moment where greatness shines from. The present moment is life itself. If we act out of living the now, we are truly alive and that's where creativity, solutions, and out best self emerges from. We have practiced the opposite for years, reacting out of things that have happened in the past (even if it was one second ago) and subconsciously being controlled by anger.

The great news is that we have the ability to act consciously. You get to the point in life where you realize that acting out of anger produces destructive results. You can allow anger to arise, but consciously choose to drop and act out of a different energy. The energy could be compassion or love, but if that is just too hard to reach, you can just take a conscious breath and act out of living in the joy of the present moment. Act out of feeling alive in the present and feel an inner smile of knowing that it's a magical and miraculous experience to be alive in the first place.

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