Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How Georges St-Pierre changed my life

 Georges St-Pierre made a difference in my life when it comes to how honest he was in admitting his fear. While the MMA world can be filled with unending and unrelenting diatribes of bravado and fearlessness and courageously, GSP was a rare case in that he talked about his nerves and fears and admitted to them completely. He basically showed me it's okay to have fear before competition, it's okay to be nervous, it's okay be terrified and even want to not go out there and compete. But he also notes that admitting that fear is the ultimate act of courage because many are afraid to admit that they are scared in the first place. A bubble of invincibility is synthetically formed in their minds to protect them from getting in touch with this. Pierre, however, he fully admits his fears and uses them to his advantage. He views his nerves and fears as the tools which are going to keep him alert, on point, and as sharp as a tac in the cage. GSP basically showed me it's okay to have that fear, it's okay to admit it to yourself, and it's something that will ultimately give you power.

If you prepare your subconscious for highly stressful situations, you can create harmony with your fears. You can tame fear like a wild animal and use it to your advantage. - Georges St-Pierre 

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