Monday, September 29, 2014

5 things to do when a bad mood hits

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A bad mood comes, it stays, it goes. Like the formation and dissolution of a cloud. But while a bad mood is persisting, you can let it be, but make some conscious efforts to plant the seeds of positivity.

5 things to do when a bad mood hits:

1. Stand tall

Motion creates emotion and a good posture will get you into a more positive and confident mindframe on an unconscious level.

2. Breath deeply

A couple deep breathes go a long way in calming you own, refreshing you, and brining you back to the present moment. And in the present moment, problems dissipate.

3. Shake the tension in your body

You can unclinch your fist, release the tightened jaw, and unwind your legs which may be tangled up with tension. Drop your shoulders and loosen the unconscious tightness that comes with a bad mood.

4. Smile

Smiling in a bad mood can feel like lifting hundreds of pounds over your head. It may feel hard but it's a good way to chemically kick your brain into a positive mindset. Being able to generate some positivity in a negative state is crucial in life. Anything is possible in a good mood, or you feel that way; but if you can sprout some positivity while in a bad mood, it's a monumental and terrific feat. It's really the only time you need to generate positivity. In the face of adversity, that's when you need to dig deep.

5. Laugh

Do a little laughter yoga. Force out a couple laughs and all of a sudden you are laughing for real. It's a good tension releaser.

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