Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Not lashing out of anger, transitioning to taking a deep breath

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When anger arises the instinct is to try and kill it or unleash it. Anger is such an intense and powerful energy that it almost rushes at your, grips you, shakes you, and demands of you, "DO SOMETHING!" It wants you to do something fast! React! This is why often the transition is anger arising and then lashing out verbally or physically at someone. A more skilled and effective transition is anger arising and then doing nothing for a moment. This is a good transition because it breaks the cycle from anger to lashing out. Anger comes, you do nothing, just it be. Even if it's for a second or two or ten. Then you can transition to taking a deep breath. 

So the key to minimizing the destructive anger pattern is to avoid the transition from anger to instant reaction. But rather go from anger rising, doing nothing and letting it be, then taking a deep breath.

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