Saturday, September 6, 2014

4 ways to deal with nerves or nervousness before competition

1. View them in an empowering way
Look at it like:
-"The nerves keep me sharp"
-"The nerves are excited anticipation of victory"
-The nerves are my body getting ready to execute greatness, just as a motor starts running before a Bugatti soars or another sportscar takes off, same way the nerves are a precursor to pristine performance for yourself

2. Breathe
This brings you back to the present moment and creates distance between you and nerves so that they do not overtake your being. This also oxygenates you and relaxes you.

3. Realize everyone is nervous
Before competition everyone is nervous, and those who say that they are not are typically so fearful of their fear that that cannot even admit that it arises. You are not special in this sense of being nervous. Your opponents are feeling it too, but some are better at hiding it, and oftentimes by appearing strong and creating a persona of supreme self-confidence.

4. Practice watching the nerves
Watch your nerves. They are not you. There is not "my nerves", but rather "nerves". You are not nervous, there is just nervousness. You are the watcher of the feeling and emotion. This becomes easier the more you do it in everyday life.
 It's not "your fear", "your anger"; it is "fear" and "anger". Like clouds which form and disintegrate, same goes with emotions. Watch the emotions come and go like clouds in the sky and experience them like a gust of win passing by; you don't need to identify with them, but just witness them breeze by you.

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