Saturday, November 15, 2014

No regrets, your mistakes are your teacher

No regrets, your mistakes are your teacher.

A perfect person cannot comprehend understanding and compassion as someone who has made mistakes, who has suffered the pain from error, and dealt with regret. A person who has made mistakes understand the mistakes of others and has a basis of forgiveness deep inside them.

I need forgiveness from others, so I forgive others as a result. Due to illusion, ego, and ignorance, I have caused suffering and harm to others. So when others cause suffering to me due to illusion, ego, and ignorance, there is a basis inside me which is more understanding and compassionate. The animalistic first instinct when someone does something which causes me suffering is flare of anger which rises up instantly. But I realize that I have done many others wrong as well in the same fashion due being either possessed by the ego, ignorant of how my actions were impacting others, or overtaken by unconscious negative emotions which almost rendered my helpless. None of this deep understanding, compassion, and forgiveness is possible without having made mistakes.

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