Saturday, November 29, 2014

5 ways of dealing with performance anxiety
Whether you are doing a speech, competing in a fight or any other sport, or something where there is performance on the line, anxiety naturally arises. Here are 5 ways to deal with it.
1) Realize it's natural
You are not special. Everyone gets nerves and anxiety before performances. Everyone deals with the same emotions of nervousness. It can be helpful to realize that it is all natural.
2) Nerves will keep you sharp
Embrace the nerves and take the attitude that they will keep you sharp. They will keep you on point and make sure that you act and react with the pinpoint accuracy and lead to success.
3) Put things in perspective
If the worst thing in your life is that you lose in a sport or mess up a speech, you are sitting very pretty. You can make peace with the worst outcome by realizing that if the worst thing happens, you will be okay! Realizing that the source of your anxiety is stemming from something you can handle brings about a certain peace of mind which lies deeper than the nerves.
4) A bruised ego is not painful
The likelihood is that the worst injury you sustain in your endeavor will be a bruised ego. And while it does not feel pleasant, a deeper understanding will make you realize that the ego isn't real to begin with, so you are actually worry about an unreal entity being hurt. It's like being overly protective and anxious over the health of Santa Claus.
5) Mentally prepare yourself to recover
If you mentally prepare yourself for worst case scenarios, have a game plan, and visualize yourself recovering and thriving after potential setbacks, you will walk in with a sense of calm. If you have prepared to flow from worst case scenarios and segue into where you need to go from there, if that should happen, you will be totally prepared to deal with what needs to be done. And you can also mentally prepare to feel nerves and anxiety before or during performance and still use those nerves as a segue into performing well. You can take into account the potential of being very anxious and visualize yourself thriving after the nerves. All of a sudden the nerves becoming a springboard to success.

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