Monday, April 20, 2015

Claudia Gadelha on emitting good energy

Max Holloway on being positive

Ricky Lundell on fear of others' expectations

Don't let your fear of others' perceptions of you keep you from acquiring the experience and skill necessary that it takes to be successful. I've known many who have already built an empire lose the proper mind set and start to fear others perceptions causing them to lose their empire. Ive also met thousands of men capable of building great empires that feared others perceptions so much that they never started. No matter your level in the game; the moment you are worried you will look stupid and you allow that fear to hold you back... you may as well just throw in the towel. Because your dream is not going to happen. You must be in control of your thoughts and perceptions. Then go take what is yours!!! 
—Ricky Lundell 

John Kavanagh on not letting fear stop you

Every successful fighter I've ever coached hated losing. They would do anything to avoid that feeling. But, they never let the fear of losing stop them trying. The inevitable slip, fail, loss did not make them quit. Did not make them sit back and blame those around them, rather it inspired them to honestly evaluate their skills and training to make the necessary adjustments.
You will 100% not win the competition you don't enter, not get the job you don't apply for and not get the girl you don't ask out. Losing sucks, don't let anyone tell you otherwise....but a life spent not trying, not putting your ego at risk is much worse. Be bold, be brave, step into the arena.
Arc de Triomphe seems a suitable setting

 —John Kavanagh

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