Monday, December 30, 2013

Ronda Rousey: I need to keep finding ways to challenge myself

Ronda Rousey on setting the bar higher and higher for herself on a daily basis:

I don't do this for a living to do things that are easy, I need to keep finding ways to challenge myself.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Uriah Hall on learning from defeat and gaining from loss

Uriah Hall is able to take seemingly negative situations and see a creative opportunity in them:

Chris Weidman on the psychology of doubt and faith

Chris Weidman's psychology degree comes in handy for him in MMA. He has a very strong mental game and knows how to mentally get in the right state for peak performance and victory:  

You always have doubts that crawl up into your mind...I think one of the biggest parts of having a winner's mindset is to be able to deal with those doubts. Erase them out of your mind.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Anderson Silva on imitating Muhammad Ali's fighting / boxing / dancing style

Anderson Silva on likening a fight to a dance:

"My style of fighting is very free. I like to fight happy and loose...I like to use Muhammad Ali as a reference. He fought as if he was dancing and that's what I try to do."

Ronda Rousey quote on leaving no option but victory

"The way that I like to fight is I like to paint myself into a corner and so the only way is for me to win."
- Ronda Rousey

Friday, December 13, 2013

Georges St-Pierre: When I want something I become completely obsessed

Georges St-Pierre on obsession and success:

When I want something in life I become completely obsessed to work hard until I obtain what I want. And I believe it's the same thing for everybody in life that have very high goals. They need to be completely obsessed to reach their goal...Same thing in every sport. I'm sure Wayne Gretzky was completely obsessed of working hard and becoming the best hockey player all time. I'm sure Michael Jordan, same thing. I'm sure Tiger Woods, all great guys in every discipline, every field of work is same thing.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Michael McDonald Quotes

Great quotes from highly talented UFC bantamweight Michael McDonald.



Urijah Faber on staying grounded and humble

Urijah Faber notes that MMA teaches humility and that translates into being a grounded person:

"It's easy to stay grounded when you're in a sport that reminds you all the time that you're just a regular dude."

Matt Brown on overcoming heroin drug use

Matt Brown was able to take his extreme personality and alter it in a positive direction:

Back in the younger days when I was addicted to drugs and partying all the time, all I did was take that to the extreme. And now I take something positive and take it to the extreme.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Carlos Condit on motivation and pushing through anything

Carlos Condit is a highly motivated, goal-driven, and intense fighter, and you can see that in his performances. He speaks on how he can find motivation no matter what:

"I find motivation any time I need it...No matter how bad I'm hurting I can push through anything."

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