Wednesday, April 16, 2014

MMA / UFC Tattoos (Quotes)

Chuck Liddell explains what the tattoo on the side of his head translates to in English: “Place of peace and prosperity”

Frank Mir enshrined his dedicated to his wife, Jennifer Mir, with a tattoo on is stomach. It has the following saying:

"Two Bodies Many Minds One Spirit"

Michael Chandler on his tattoo on his chest which reads, "Blessed":

For me, it's just a constant reminder of how truly blessed I am. Just to be staying on two capable legs...and have two capable arms, to go out and compete and do what I love. It's an amazing gift that I've been given and that's one of the things that I don't want to take for granted.

Bas Rutten's palm tattoo on his left hand the says "Sjou", which means "long life"

Ronda Rousey explains the tattoo on her lower right arm, which is a symbol of the Kodokan, the first school of Judo:

It's a symbol of the first school of Judo. It's an eight-petal cherry blossom...They got the cherry blossom from the symbol of the Samurai, because the cherry blossom was a flower that dies in its prime, when it's at its most beautiful, it falls off of the tree and it dies. It just kind of embodies that warrior lifestyle to sacrifice yourself in your prime.

Chris Leben has an Om symbol tattooed on his neck. The symbol is of Hindu origins and represents a mystical mantra and sacred sound. it's also important in some forms of Buddhism and Jainism.



Gray Maynard has "One Life" and "Roll the Dice" tattooed on his body

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