Friday, October 10, 2014

We laugh at the dog barking at itself in a mirror, but can we laugh at our own illusions?

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I remember sort of snickering at a video of a dog seeing himself in the mirror and barking it at. It got me thinking about how the anger which I can feel toward someone is sort of like a bark in a sense; but I realize that in a way I am actually barking at myself as well, or nothing at all.

One example is, someone made a joke about me which was an insult (as it usually is in the comedic world; every joke tends to have a victim). But nonetheless, in the moment, there was anger and rage which bubbled into the mind and negative thoughts towards this person arose. I almost had no control of those thoughts and not much power to stop them from emerging. However, only afterwards when things settled down in my frantic mind was I able to examine and inspect how illusory this negativity can be. Basically, in this situation, sound is being emitted from a voicebox of an individual who is speaking from the viewpoint of his ego, which is an illusionary identity he has created for himself. That illusionary identify emits that sound, I pick it up though my brain and senses, then my ego, another fictitious self, perceives his to be an insult and is injured and threatened by it. So this illusionary construct of my ego emits the negative thoughts surrounding this matter.

Now, this is not to say that it is not right to be offended when someone says something bad about you, or you should just sit there and let people abuse you verbally. But the point is to basically deconstruct the process and see the illusory element of the whole situation so you can see how it is something that you can transcend.  So you don't have to be upset about the anger which arises in you, and you don't need to hang out with people who you don't get along with and don't seem to mesh with personality wise. But one way to let the lingering animosity from eating you up inside is to try and look at the chain of events which lead up to the anger, and see how it's really a process of a bunch of things which are very unreal. And at the end of the day, we don't have to "bark" at these mirages. We can accept the anger, and we can take the actions necessary to deal with the person, but we can also deconstruct the apparitional nature of the situation afterwards in order to let go of the resentment, and by doing so, tap into our inner peace.

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  1. That is all good information. Sometimes jokes are just jokes and shouldn't be taken so seriously.


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