Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Using your nervous ticks to your advantage


Sometimes if you're nervous or doubtful and lose confidence, your body language can change to do something like fold your arms, put your head down, or a variety of subconscious movements. However, you can condition yourself to transition from the unsure body language to a sure one. So if you know your unconfident behaviours that is the first step. Sometimes I press my lips together during stressful and unsure moments, or gaze down, and even take a big gulp. So I consciously now do these behaviours and practice transitioning from doing something like taking a big gulp and then immediately walking tall, chest puffed out, totally relaxed and confident like I am an unstoppable force of nature. The more I practice this the more when I feel unsure in real life and I have unconfident body language, without even thinking, I am trained to instantly take the posture of an unstoppable ultra confidence force. The great thing is that the more you practice the easier it is done subconsciously. So unsure states of mind automatically are transformed into unbelievable confidence.

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