Thursday, October 16, 2014

Top 5 ways to make a loss a win in sports

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5 ways to make a loss into a win.

1. Work on your weaknesses until they become your strength

A loss can expose your weaknesses, which is a good thing. You can train them diligently afterwards to fill those holes in your game, and make them your strength.

2. Wear getting back up as a badge on your sleeve

Take pride in being someone who gets right back up after losing. Someone who gets knocked down and gets back up 10,000 times better and stronger.

3. Use the pain of losing to your advantage

Feel that sting of losing and realize that it is not the feeling you want to generate. Focus on working to the point where the opposite happens: the great feeling of victory.

4. Realize the end result will be sweeter

The final victory is all the more sweeter if you go through some bitter moments early on. When you look back and see that you overcome struggles and losses and defeats, it makes the final win as a champion all the more beautiful.

5.  Copy what your opponent does well

Make it a total win by improving your game and adding what your opponent does well too. Make your game all the most diverse and varied by taking on the skills of your opponent.

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