Monday, October 13, 2014

Short term loss, long term gain

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Peak performance is the object which achieves the goal of winning. But the long term goal is never-wending improvement and chasing perfection; the journey is the long run game and when do lose a competition, it ends up enhancing your growth and advancement rapidly.

Short term loss is a long term game. Nothing brings out a nice fire inside than a loss, and from a bird's eye view, there is no loss, only winning and gaining. Losing is just a negative connotation to an experience that is going to massively make you better in the long term. If some type of weakness is exposed in your game, that's a nice light to be shone upon you which will allow you to diligently work on those shortcomings until the point where they become your strengths. What was once a weak link in your game will become your bread and butter.

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