Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Make your final destination compassion.

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Anger, hate, vengeance, those are often natural emotions and thoughts forming when we are perceived to be wronged by someone in a situation. All of those thoughts are trying to get us to act on those feelings, but the feeling we all really want is happiness. And it's actually acting out of compassion which produces that. Anger will only produce more anger and hate will only bring about more hate.

If we make an analogy of you being on a highway and you want to get to "Happiness", you can acknowledge the exit signs for Anger, Hate, Vengeance, but the one which will take you to happiness is Compassion. Compassion is a suburb of Happiness.

But if you do get off at an exit of Anger or Hate, that's fine, you can still make a choice to go back toward compassion so you can get to happiness. It's like taking a wrong exit and realizing you made a mistake. You don't need to sulk, feel guilt, feel regret, or beat yourself up for making the wrong exit. Just get back on the road to your destination.

Or an analogy of a garden also works. You don't deny that your garden has some Anger plants, Hate plants, and so forth. You acknowledge that. But what you are trying to generate is more happiness in the garden, so you plant the seeds of compassion today, so that tomorrow and beyond there is a plethora of happiness in the future. You acknowledge the Hate and Anger, but don't need to cultivate it, so in the future it just withers away.

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