Thursday, October 9, 2014

How to deal with trash talkers in sports and life

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A lot of times people will trash talk on the court, the rink, the cage, or whatever venue you are competing in. It's often used as a tactic to destabilize your mind and get you off your game.

Here are 4 steps which can help you in this:

1) Accept it.
Don't try and fight it and stop it, just let it be. People are who they are and are going to do what they do based on their past conditioning and habits and personality which has been ingrained into them. You can't control what they say, you can only control your reaction to it.

2) The reaction is a non-reaction.
In this case how you react to it is to not react to it. There's no need to get into a verbal argument because the sport you're playing is not a debating contest. You are not a lawyer in a courtroom. You don't need to respond or react.

3) Accept the feelings which come with this.
If someone talks trash it often generates irritation, anger, humiliation, shame, fear, and a variety of different emotions which are unpleasant to experience. A good way to practice for this is to visualize the scene in your head of someone trash talking and feel the feelings that come up and sit with them. Let them be, you do not deny them, you just don't react to them. In that way they have no power over you. Practising witnessing emotions is a great way to practice as well.

4) Focus on the task at hand.
Concentration is key. If the game plan requires certain things to be done, just continue to do those things. Keep focussing on what is needed to get the job done and what is the correct move needed to be executed to win. Also the mantra "relax and breathe" is often effective because it calms you down, centres you, brings you back into the present moment, and loosens up the tightness which can arise from irritation. It will help your fluidity.

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