Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Gratitude for the rain

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As I walk through the rain, countless drops drenching and enveloping my entire being, the subconscious reaction which often arises is an agitation. But that is typically an unconscious emotion, not one that we consciously choose to bring into our awareness. So while that still bubbles beneath the surface, and consciously am thankful for the fact that I can even experience this moment. The astronomically unbelievable odds that I even exists makes my being a lottery that infinitely vaster than any monetary prize awarded for matching six digits. I'm highly grateful I have a home to go and have shelter in, fresh clothes to replace the drenched garments, as well as warm and clean running water to renew my flesh. Things I have taken for granted close to 100% of my existence. So in the end the temporary discomfort is actually a meditation on appreciation. Appreciation for having the senses to experience the droplets falling down from above. In the end, I have gratitude for the rain.

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