Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fear of giving it your all, and losing

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Losing a competition can be stingingly painful. Sometimes in crucial moments in competition you can pull a mental emergency brake from going for it totally because you are afraid that if you give it your all and fall short, it is all the more hurtful to the ego as a result. One way to just break through that mentality is to find the joy, bliss, passion, and feeling of being alive when you are trying your best and giving everything you got. You're not so focused on the outcome, but just giving everything you have. It's a happy feeling to put it all out there and free yourself. The goal is victory, but all someone can ask of you, and all you can ask for yourself is to give it your all. No regrets emerge after that because you know you left it all out there. And wherever the chips fall after that is fine. You just get up and continue giving it your all right afterwards.

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