Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Emotions are like rides in an amusement park

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If you walk through an amusement park there are a variety of tantalizing and interesting rides you pass by. But you choose which ones you want to go on. Emotions are in a sense a similar object. If you do not associate and identify with the emotions which arise inside your consciousness, then they are just things passing by. You may feel a sensation and thoughts may arise surrounding these emotions, however, you can consciously choose to just watch them if you like. You do not need to react to them. Reacting to them is like passing by the ride in the park and then going on it. Which is fine, but if it's a ride where you know you are going to feel sick and puke after going on, then it's something over time you realize you do not want to participate in.

Like the emotion of anger for instance. Anger is appealing, the thought of revenge is romantically alluring, and the expression of rage is all too enticing. But after an expression of a fit of madness, there may be some feeling of relief, but generally you don't feel too great after doing this and reacting out of anger is typically harmful to others and yourself. That's not to say you deny it, you allow it to be, and you can admit it yourself and others, but you choose consciously not to act out of it because of the harm you have learned that it does. You can choose to wait to allow it to slowly fade or pass through you, and then take action from a more lucid state. It's like passing by that rollercoaster that you know will make you hurl and feel sick afterwards, and decide to just keep walking by.

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