Saturday, June 22, 2013

Rory MacDonald Quotes

Quotes from Canadian UFC welterweight superstar Rory MacDonald:

Rory MacDonald UFC Middleweight

"I recognize that losing is a part of growth in this sport and it's a positive thing in the long run."
— Rory MacDonald

"A killer instinct runs in the blood."
  —Rory MacDonald

I follow my instincts and my excitement.
—Rory MacDonald

You can't let fear into your life or else it's just going to take over. 
 —Rory MacDonald I

'm not scared at all...I'm nervous, I definitely have nerves, I'm not going to lie about that. The anticipation of it. I think its natural, your body just knows what it's about to go do. But I'm not going to fear what I'm about to do, I'm going to take it head on and I'm going to conquer it. 
 —Rory MacDonald

Be you. And I think people will recognize what you're good at; recognize the special things about yourself. Just be you, and be you to the fullest. 
 —Rory MacDonald


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