Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Quotes on Fear by Georges St-Pierre (GSP)

If you prepare your subconscious for highly stressful situations, you can create harmony with your fears. You can tame fear like a wild animal and use it to your advantage. - Georges St-Pierre 


One of the most admirable qualities about Georges St-Pierre is his openness to discuss his fears regarding fighting, and how he uses them and overcomes them. One of the things he does is he holds the belief that his fears make him sharp and help him ready for a fight, so he turns it into a positive. His fear is therefore a friend. Another thing he does is he uses his physiology on the way to the cage to transform the fear into confidence: he makes his way to the UFC Octagon like he's unstoppable and unbeatable, and that ticks his mind into believing that that is the case. Finally, he takes the approach of true courage: not acting without any fear, but acting despite the fear. Even thought he's afraid, he's still going to out there and give everything he possibly has.

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