Monday, November 3, 2014

When your buttons get pushed, connect them to activating your greatness

When your buttons get pushed, connect them to activating your greatness.

So basically if you are aware of the emotions, thoughts, and situations which can trigger a highly negative reaction in you, it is beneficial to think about those situations and prepare yourself to act in a different way in the future. A good way to practice this a bit more is to get in touch with these negative emotions as they arise in everyday life. So if someone cuts you off in traffic, there is often an instant trigger of anger and rage and strong irritation. And sometimes that ends up being the genesis of a chain of thoughts, actions, emotions, and reactions which can lead to a downward spiral very quickly. But the more you are able to get in tune with that emotion of anger and rage, accept it, let it sit, and not be forced to react to it, the more power you generate for yourself by doing so. We sometimes see the person who gets enraged at the drop of a hat as someone who is powerful, but it's sort of the opposite, because they have no real power over their emotion. They are just reacting and have no power to stop it.

If you can have a practice that you train yourself to do in the midst of negativity, it can make you sort of re-wire your brain so that when your buttons get pushed it generates a more creative opportunity for you. So if you take a deep breath and are able to stand tall or do something which tends to generate a more positive outlook when anger arises, this will help you see things more clearly. If could really be anything that tends to get you into a peak mental state and positive mindset.

Anger is a powerful emotion, but the problem with it is that it's very narrowing to your mind and you can't think clearly. You just see red, so to speak. Oftentimes regrettable actions are done under the hypnosis of anger. That's not to say you don't have a right to be angry in situations, but it's more beneficial to yourself to not act hastily from an angry state of mind. It's not just beneficial for the person you are angry at, but it's beneficial for you too because you have to live with the negative actions you do afterwards and feel the pain that comes along with it. So it's good if you can practice doing something like taking a breath every time you feel any irritation. And the reason why doing that practice is important because anger and rage and pain that emerges when we don't get our way or something has mistreated us or whatever the case may be, is so powerful, that it can take over you instantly. So if you have a built in practice that once anger comes, you can do something which prevents an instant and hasty destructive emotion. The point is not to deny the anger; accept it and let it arise and fall; but the point is to re-wire your brain so that it doesn't go from having your buttons pushed to instant wrath. You can form anger, to a deep breath, and then you can take a more clear-headed action and express yourself perfectly clearly and find the best solution and opportunity for the situation at hand. And that's also why it's often a good idea to if possible wait a day or two before making a decision if there is a strong sense of anger in you. Decisions made purely on anger are often ones which are not constructive ones for yourself.

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