Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Pressure is an illusion, but I like having that illusion of pressure. -Conor McGregor

Pressure is an illusion, but I like having that illusion of pressure. -Conor McGregor

UFC featherweight Conor McGregor originally started out in martial arts because he felt uneasy about the feeling of nerves and butterflies that he felt when it came to schoolyard fights as a kid. He wanted to become more comfortable with that feeling so that he could overcome his fear of his fear, so to speak. Interestingly enough, he kept chasing his fear so much that he went from training, to sparring, to competing, and then seeking out the highest level of the nerves by pursuing the UFC belt in the premier MMA organization in the world.

It's somewhat reminiscent of Georges St-Pierre when he talks about fear being the genesis of most of the good things that he has had in his life. And St-Pierre found a way to reframe his mind to look at nerves and fears as something that is positive. He looks at nerves as something that is going to keep his reactions on point and his reflexes cat-like. He talks about his fear openly and wears on his sleeve like a badge of honour, as it takes fear to make a person courageous. One depends on the other.

For Conor McGregor, his path to overcoming his fear and constantly chasing these experiences which generated butterflies in his stomach led him to the top of the MMA world. It's a powerful practice if you are able to become comfortable and at peace with those nerves, and actually get to the point where you crave them. It looks like Conor is at that point as he thrives under so-called pressure, and wants to be put in these spots where he is supposed to feel uncomfortable, and supposed crumble under the spotlight. The uncomfort zone has become his comfort zone. Which is one of the reasons he is so loose and relaxed in the cage during competition.

This can be applied to anything in your life. If there are certain situations, events, and people, which tend to bring out certain feelings inside you which are uncomfortable, you can change that. If you get more accustomed to those feelings and take the approach that you are going to thrive in those situations as opposed to crumble, it's very powerful. It's not easy because the typical reaction is uncomfort and wanting to dart away from that position, or go down a road of negativity. It's natural. But if you do get more at home with those feelings, it's very freeing as you can pretty much go anywhere and be relaxed as you know that you will be able to turn difficult situations into profitable ones for yourself. You can take the approach that instead of getting into those hard situations and crumbling, it will be the opposite. You will get there and transition from uncomfort, to being calm, relaxed, in the zone, creative, happy, optimistic, and positive. With practice the feeling you were once afraid of is now a familiar friend you greet with open arms, and then use as a springboard a state of peak performance.

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