Monday, November 3, 2014

6 Quotes about a winning mindset from Floyd Mayweather

This quote above shoes that Floyd Mayweather's whole identity is being a winner. He was born a winner and will die won. To him being called a winner and being called a human being are one and the same. It is how he views himself and that's a very powerful subconscious belief. Also powerful is his first state in that sentence: "I always find a way to win." That affirmation of confidence is powerful because when things get rough it is an ingrained belief inside him which gets activated.

Mayweather tries to win at everything he does. Whatever he does, he tries to excel or "win" at. So that attitude is practiced everywhere for him and translates seamlessly into the ring.

The quote above was one I heard when Floyd was on the Howard Stern Show, and it speaks volumes to his mindset. A bronze medal is viewed very highly in the Olympics, but Mayweather has no interest in it. He feels that you can only win gold and receive a bronze and silver. It's a very attack on his identity if he receives a medal and does not take the number one spot on the planet at his craft. As he says, "I was born to be a winner", which is another ingrained belief about how he views himself as a world champion.

This shows Floyd's winning mindset of being able to adapt if needed on the route to victory.

While pressure can make many fold and collapse under it's heavy toll, Floyd takes the opposite mentality and affirms that he loves it. He thrives off of being in the spotlight and the expectations of greatness which are placed on him every time he competes.

Finally, Floyd truly believes it's his purpose in life to do what he is doing. He genuinely feels he's been gifted with skills that are above and beyond anyone else's, and when you feel it's your calling in life to do something, and it's your calling to be the best in the world at it, that is a very potent and powerful belief system to be a winner.

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