Friday, April 4, 2014

UFC 172 predictions: Jon Jones vs Glover Teixeira

Jon Jones     vs.     Glover Teixeira              
Glover Teixeira is very well rounded, hits extremely hard, and is able to seamlessly transition from striking to grappling. But Jones ground game and ability to use his reach poses problems for many fighters at 205, and should be an issue here as well at UFC 172. Glover will go the distance but Jones will likely get a decision nod.

Phil Davis     vs.     Anthony Johnson

Anthony Johnson has incredibly athleticism and striking power, which Phil Davis needs to curtail in the first round. Davis' takedowns are stellar and striking tremendous, as he was able to stand up with Lyoto Machida for much of their fight and win a decision. Davis has more tools in his toolbox, and those weapons will come in handy on route to a decision victoyr.

Luke Rockhold     vs.     Tim Boetsch
Luke Rockhold is another brilliant star from Strikforce which has been immigrated into the UFC. Boetsch is super tough, durable, and has a wealth of experience in the cage. But the technical prowess of Rockhold on the feet should earn him enough points to win a decision.

Jim Miller     vs.     Bobby Green
This is a great fight that could go either way, but leaning towards Jim Miller due to his excellence record amongst top competition in the UFC. Leaning towards a decision nod for Miller, however, very excited to see how Bobby Green does in this golden opportunity to jump into the upper echelon of 155 in the UFC.

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