Wednesday, April 23, 2014

There is nobody to be angry at. When you break down a human being who you are angry at it is difficult to pinpoint who or where that person actually resides. We are a conglomeration of our DNA, genetics, cells, blood, water, flesh, bacteria, memes, conditioned responses and habits, social and media programming, peers, and an infinite amount of more factors which play into who a person is. You cannot pinpoint where the person you are angry at resides. We are a product of trillions of different components and there is no place to point to where a person actually resides. There is actually nobody present to be angry at other than a confluence of trillions upon trillions of different units on a physical and mental level. Deconstructing things in this fashion can curb and soften your angry stance and hatred towards someone because you realize there is no person there in any definite form to be angry at.

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