Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Paul "Polar Bear" Varelans UFC 7 story on picking his "style" of fighting

In UFC 7 the TV people insisted I declare a better style of fighting name other than "Freestyle." So they pushed and badgered me until I was fed up. Then announced my long lost martial art form from deep in the jungles of Vietnam. "PHUC U" as the color ran from their faces they began stuttering, shaking, 

"No, no, no!!! No way!"

"What's the problem guys you wanted it you got it." 

"We can't its its its bad very bad!"

Playing unaware of my game. I say, "Wait is this a race thing? You don't like the Vietnamese?!"

"Come on Polar Bear your f**ing with us."

"Well guys as long as you learned your lesson and don't bug me. And I see "Freestyle" held up under a beautiful ring girl. 

"I'll let you off my hook this time."

They thanked me intensely the scurried off.

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