Thursday, April 17, 2014

Be the end of suffering. You can be be the end.

Be the end of suffering. You can be be the end. When one person suffers, that suffering is often transferred to another via negativity such as anger. Then that person oftentimes takes that suffering and transfers it to others, and that chain reaction is often spread throughout the world. This suffering also reaches you. You are lashed out at, you are treated harshly, and that provokes anger inside you and hatred, as well as a multitude of other emotions. That's a natural reaction and understandable and you don't have to judge those emotions. But you can also make a conscious decision to accept those emotions, but decide to take a compassion stance on the matter. This doesn't mean that you have to saw or do anything nice to the individual who lashes out at you, but you can realize that they are acting out of suffering. They are acting out of the university condition which binds us all. The one big commonality we share on an emotional level is that we all suffer. Because we all suffer we can have compassion. You can accept the feelings of anger and hatred which arise in your, but make a conscious decision to take a compassionate stance towards the person. The reason for doing this is actually a selfish: it will make you happy. And happiness is what we want. Initially we may think that attacking a person back out of anger will bring us happiness, but it is the opposite. You can definitely speak your mind and let the person know your thoughts and feelings, but when you actions are done out of malice and anger, then they carry with them a negative karmic energy which results in greater suffering for yourself. The we for you to be happy is to take a compassionate approach and not respond to events out of anger. Again, that is not to say you deny the feelings of anger, try and repress them, fight them, or judge them; but you make a conscious decision to not act out of a state of anger but make attempts to get into a more compassionate mindset and work from there. Acting out of a compassionate viewpoint is working with an energy that will bring happiness to you. Acting out of anger, which is ever so enticing in the moment, destroys your happiness. This doesn't mean you're going to be a phony and deny you have anger arising in you; this is not the case at all. You are being completely honest and authentic to who you are by accepting the anger and negative emotions, but consciously deciding to take a compassionate standpoint because that is going to end suffering for you and this chain of negativity. And your compassion will now bring about a positive change in the world. Your compassion will end the cycle of suffering, and begin a new chain of positivity which can push forth a loving energy into those you contact which can be transferred onto others.

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