Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mike Tyson, Roy Nelson and Mario Balotelli on doing their jobs

Roy Nelson was once asked what he did to pump himself up for a fight, and he said he didn't need to do that because it's his job. Just like one doesn't need to pump themselves up to go to work every morning, he feels the same way about fighting.

That attitude of just doing your job, and looking at an athletic competition as such, is something that can take the negative stress away from the situation. It's also something that just allows one to let the greatness they've trained for flow out of them easily. Like Italian footballer Mario Balotelli, who doesn't celebrate, because there's no point in celebrating doing your job:
“I don’t celebrate because I’m only doing my job. When a postman delivers letters, does he celebrate?”

Baolotelli just expects that foot to go into the top corner when he kicks it.

Mike Tyson, one of the great boxers of all time, had a similar attitude as seen in this video on Jim Rome's how. Tyson was inspired by his trainer Cus D'Amato, who felt it was ridiculous to celebrate because winning and achieving your goal was what you expected to do. It shouldn't be a surprise. That's not to say it's bad to celebrate your win or to not be happy, but in general, having a work-man-like attitude and treating the victory as just a part of the job which you expected to happen, can make that climb to the top seem like it's one that is out of reach; rather it's something you expect to occur.


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