Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Georges St-Pierre being like an Ant and always working

Georges St-Pierre is someone who has a strong appreciation for the animal kingdom. He discusses evolution and efficiency and references animals from time to time to make analogies to his mindset and fighting. It's not necessary the big animals he admires though. He has a deep reverence for the cockroach, which has been able to adapt better than any other creature on the planet, and survive seemingly forever. And GSP has a great respect also for another insect:

"The ant is always working...that's how I am...I never waste a second of my life, I always do things that help me advance in my life."

Pierre takes a martial arts mentality to his entire career and works towards perfection. Little improvements on a constant basis, like the Japanese concept of Kaizen; which refers to making things better. And Georges St-Pierre isn't afraid to try new things to sharpen his skills and hone his craft. He will learn to refine his spinning-back-kick with Joe Rogan; train gymnastics to improve overall athleticism; and generally just seek out knowledge from all disciplines and try and see if that intelligence can be applied to his art.

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