Thursday, May 22, 2014

Reasons to Smile:)

Reasons for smiling:

-It connects you with your own happiness
-You are consciously choosing to be happy
-It heals pain
-It heals the pain of those around you
-It makes people around you happier
-It's relaxing
-It brings you peace
-It brings you to the present moment
-The world smiles back at you
-It eases tension
-People want to be around you
-It plants the seeds of positivity
-It generates good karma
-Fear dissolves
-It stops the mind from excessive thinking
-You respond better to events
-You are being "real" because you are connecting to your true self
-It makes you suffer less
-You feel the sense of play in life
-You sense the universe winking
-You feel the pure positive energy which exists in the universe
-You become a compassionate being as you relieve suffering of others 
-You look attractive
-You lower your heart rate
-You give your immune system a positive boost
-You release endorphins which make you happy
-You create a positive energy and atmosphere around you
-You walk around with a positive aura
-You generate more situations which will bring you more reasons to smile
-Life is miraculous and wondrous
-There is an infinitely expanding universe which you are a part of

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