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Interview with Christina Tatnell

You started MMA quite young at 18 years of age, what inspired you to jump into MMA?
A lack of belief from my friends and family actually. My first ever MMA experience was when I watched my current trainer Dan 'Enson' Hyatt and his wife Bec

'Rowdy' Hyatt fight on the same card back in 2011. I hadn't watched much MMA at the time and it was my first live event but I became hooked. When I told my friends and family that I wanted to train MMA they all laughed at me. That motivated me and while Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was my first passion, I now fancy striking a lot more!

You made your debut as a pro on just 24 hours notice. That's very brave. Tell me about that story.
It was weigh in day for Nitro MMA 7 in Australia and Bec Hyatt's opponent from Egypt had been detained at the airport. I was sitting at home in Tasmania, reading Facebook and seeing everyone scrambling to find an opponent... next minute Bec's husband and manager at the time Dan was calling me to ask if I wanted the opportunity. I was told ten other girls had turned it down! I'd only been training BJJ for six months at the time, I had absolutely no striking and I'd never been on an airplane before, but I said sure, why not? Next thing I know my flights and hotel are booked and I'm on a plane to Queensland for my first prize fight. It was all very surreal and I remember it like it was yesterday, sitting backstage, shaking uncontrollably and looking for somewhere to hide because of the bright lights, camera's and the noise of the crowd. The fight went as everyone expected and I got finished quick but I don't regret a thing. Do you think I'm ever scared to step in a cage now?

The night you armbarred Shauna Carew was the same night Ronda Rousey armbarred Liz Carmouche. What are your thoughts on Ronda Rousey?
l love Ronda Rousey! She is my favorite WMMA fighter and I seem to always be the odd one out when I watch UFC events. Everyone else seems to be cheering against her! I think she deserves to be in the position she is today, she is as impressive a female athlete as there is, understands how to market herself and has the skills to back up her mouth up!

Who inspires you?
My trainer and manager Dan 'Enson' Hyatt inspires me every single day. I've lived with him for over half a year now and I see him endure more abuse on a daily basis from people who have read a one sided story about him than most would ever be capable of carrying. He is such a strong minded person, not a lot phases him and no matter what, he is always moving forward, always looking for a chance and next opportunity. He inspires me more
than anybody else I know.
You have a great nickname. Who gave you that?

In just five fights I've already had three nicknames. Crazy, huh? My first nickname was 'Temerity' after I took my debut on 24 hours notice. My second nickname was 'Ratatat' and given to me by my boxing coach Craig Tobler. He said it went well because of my peppering style of striking and because it obviously rhymed with my surname. I like to rata-tat-tat... pop, pop, pop my fists into people faces. My current and final nickname 'Creepy' was given to me by my other boxing coach Twigs Millwood and my MMA trainer Dan 'Enson' Hyatt. Apparently I'm creepy by nature and personality, plus I'm sure everyone has noticed that when I fight, I always keep creeping forward like a zombie, no matter the damage I'm taking. 
When are you fighting next?
I have no idea to be honest. I'm kinda running out of opponents at Flyweight in Australia and since Invicta Fighting Championships no longer has a marketable Australian face, I want to fly that flag. My main focus right now is just continuing to develop my skills set and knowledge. I'm only twenty years old and I'm prepared to be very, very patient.

What have you learned about yourself and life through MMA?

That I'm a way stronger person physically and mentally than I ever thought I could possibly be. I've matured a lot in only two years just because of this sport. I was once a timid little girl but now I feel like a savage in my own mind. I actually enjoy hurting my opponents, I don't know... I just feel like a completely different person, like this is what I was supposed to do!

We feature inspirational and motivational quotes on this site. Do you have a particular quote that inspires you?
To be honest, I don't. I just live my life one day at a time and focus on what I can change and influence. I don't like to dwell over things that aren't in my control or get too far ahead of myself. Slow and steady will win this race!

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